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The painkiller Darvocet, also known by its brand name, Darvon, and its generic name, propoxyphene, has been pulled from pharmacy shelves after the drug was linked in studies to serious heart problems.  The leading studies found that the drug can cause disruptions to the heart's electrical activity, leading in turn to heart attack.  This is an old drug, marketed and used in the United States for more than 50 years, and there is no accounting at this point for how many people it may have affected.  Our firm is investigating cases involving the use of this drug.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a recall of 300,000 kids animated marine and safari lamps due to fire and burn risks. The agency said the Discovery Kids lamps can short circuit and spark while in use. There have been 11 reports of short-circuiting, including three cases with property damage.  Staff Report, PR Newswire  07/03/2012.

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The Abbott Law Firm is a law firm located in Pell City, the county seat of St.

Insurance claims are complicated, and insurance companies do not make it easy to file them.  The following are some tips for dealing with insurance claims that you may find helpful when you find yourself confronted with one: